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Hair Transplant Antalya

Our aim is to provide you, our patients, with a healthy and beautiful appearance, which is one of your greatest desires, by using all the possibilities offered to humanity by modern medicine and aesthetic world. All our patients that we have brought to the result and made them smile are our biggest source of motivation and pride..

Hair transplantation operations are one of the operations that must be performed in a hospital environment. As MEDICA Hair Transplantation Centre, we carry out our operations within MEDICAL PARK ANTALYA HOSPITAL.

We are waiting for you to Medicalpark Antalya Hair Transplantation Centre to rediscover yourself and regain your self-confidence. Rediscover your beauty and self-confidence with hair transplantation Antalya.

Medicaab Hair Transplant Centre

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15+ Years Experience

Hair transplant adventure since 2008

Medicaab Hair Medicalpark Antalya Hospital Hair Transplant Centre - Natural and Permanent Results. Medicaab Hair Transplant Centre, We offer a definitive and aesthetic solution to your hair loss and baldness problems. A strong hairline and self-confidence we help you with our hair transplantation procedure with the DHI technique to regain.

With our expertise in hair transplantation, we offer you natural and permanent results for hair transplantation in Antalya. we offer. We are here to find a solution to your hair loss problem with our experienced team.

As Antalya Hair Transplantation Centre, we started in Istanbul in 2008 and continued in Antalya for a long time. With many years of experience, we serve our patients locally and from 15 different countries around the world.

Medicaab Hair Transplant

Our Services

antalya dhi hair transplant

Hair Transplant

Fast recovery, more dense and natural looking permanent hair thanks to DHI Hair Transplantation.

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antalya beard transplant

Beard Transplant

You can have the natural and permanent beard and moustache you dream of. Stubble is not destiny.

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antalya eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

Thanks to the DHI Pencil technique, you can have the eyebrows you desire with a natural look.

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Hair Transplant Antalya

Why Medica?

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DHI Technique

With our innovative vision that always follows the latest technology, we send all our patients home with maximum satisfaction by using the DHI Pen Technique..

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Guaranteed Results

The maximum loss rate foreseen after hair transplantation operations is 3%. We can guarantee to all our patients that they will not experience a hair loss more than this rate for a lifetime.

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100% Natural Appearance

By using the advantages of DHI Technique, which is the latest technology, it will never be understood that you have a hair transplantation with a dense transplantation made according to the original directions of the hair follicles..

Medicaab Hair Transplant

Our Professional Team

Hair Transplant Doctor Ayşe Pınarbaşı

Ayşe Pınarbaşı

Hair Transplant Founder Asli Balkan

Asli Balkan

Anaesthesia | Coordinator
İrem Akgör - Patient Service Hair transplant

İrem Akgör

Patient Service
Hair Transplant Antalya - Derya Özpolat

Derya Özpolat

Hair Transplant Antalya - Esra Simav

Esra Simav

Hair Transplant Antalya - Pınar Yılmaz

Pınar Yılmaz

Hair Transplant Antalya - Simge Telli

Simge Telli

Anaesthesia Technician
Hair Transplant Antalya - İrem Türkmenoğlu

İrem Türkmenoğlu

International Patient Representative
Hair Transplant Antalya - Ayşenur Sarıkaya

Ayşenur Sarıkaya

Saç Ekim Antalya - Nisa Nur Tak

Nisa Nur Tak

Nurse Assistant
Saç Ekim Antalya - Gülşen Uysal

Gülşen Uysal

Anaesthesia Technician
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Medicaab Hair Transplant

Happy and Hair Customers

I had hair transplantation at Medicaab hair centre with my cousin, we hesitated at first.

but good thing we have chosen you both professionally and as a very interested team you are magnificent I wish you continued success Aslı Hnm and Ece Hnm Bahar Hnm thank you all very much I can't remember the name of your teammates, thank you very much, I'm glad I got to know you. My hair has already become super, my cousin is very very satisfied with my friends for you hair transplantation they came and they are very pleased, thank you very much.

Erdem Tufan

On Google Review

I had hair transplantation at Medical Park Antalya Hospital at the beginning of September and I would like to share how this experience went.

In general, I can say that I am quite well spoilt. Surprisingly, after the surgery the doctor was following me for at least three months to make sure I was on the right track and that everything was going well. And now almost 8 months later I have received a message to make sure I have no problems. I highly recommend this place as the staff is ready to help you with anything and on the other hand they are also very professional in their work. Thanks again for everyone's support.

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Arman Jahangiri

On Google Review
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I Recommend to Everyone

We had my wife's hair transplantation done, the team was very interested and our result was perfect, I definitely recommend it

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Funda Sayılırer

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Contact us for free pre-examination and consultancy for Hair Transplantation, Beard Transplantation, Eyebrow Transplantation.

Direch Hair Implant

What is DHI Technique.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique is a method used in hair transplantation. This technique is based on the principle of direct transplantation without removing and storing hair follicles. Hair transplantation with DHI technique is performed in the following steps:.

  • Preparation of the Donor Area: First of all, the donor area (usually the nape of the neck) is numbed with local anaesthesia before the hair follicles are extracted..

  • Removal of Hair Roots: In DHI technique, hair follicles are removed with a special tool, Choi Pen. This pen-shaped tool facilitates the process of removing hair follicles one by one.

  • Opening of Hair Channels: In the areas to be transplanted, the channels to be used for transplanting hair follicles are opened. These channels are placed at the right angle and density.

  • Placement of Hair Roots: The extracted hair follicles are placed directly into these opened channels by means of Choi Pen. This step allows the hair transplantation to be performed very precisely.
What is DHI? What is Direct hair Implant?
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hair transplant frequently asked questions
hair transplant frequently asked questions and answers

Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions.

Hair transplantation is a hair transplantation procedure performed on people with hair loss from the areas where their own hair follicles are taken...

Minimal scars usually remain after hair transplantation, but may vary depending on the healing process and the method used.

According to your doctor's recommendations, hair washing is performed with special shampoos and methods after hair transplantation..

Yes, the transplanted hair usually falls out after hair transplantation, but this is a temporary condition. New hair grows permanently.

Follow the recommendations of your doctor before hair transplantation and pay attention to hair care in the post-procedure period, as well as rest and healthy nutrition.